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Jokes on you Mask!^^

The Mask;Darkhorse Entertainment


Living Dead Girl;Rob Zombie
zombie joke by ToxicHeadphones
zombie joke
Based on an RP between moi and :iconagent-eli:

Oh Mask, you never learn...

the Mask;Darkhorse Entertainment
This is another(and my last)page that was originally gonna be followed by another scene, but I felt it would put more attention on Darkskull and Big Head than the rest of the characters. So this is what would happen following this scene...

Black blood was gushing out of the bullet holes given to her, yet she could still manage to stand up. She could not die, but of course it didn't prevent her from feeling any pain. Darkskull extended her arm at her side and a scythe materialized in her hand.
"Did you honestly..." she gritted out. "Forget that your your stupid antics does NOTHING to me?!!"
"Maaaayy-beeeee...", green faced man responded innocently. "But..", he retorted, bringing out his own scythe from inside his jacket. The length of the handle betraying the amount of space his jacket could have had. "..That doesn't mean it still doesn't bring out a hoot!"
Darskull snarled as she raced toward him, scythe sung at her side ready to slice her opponent's torso in half. And he raced towards her, grinning like the mad man he is with his scythe in the air. Their weapons clashed n their air, joined by the mixture of their blood. Crimson red mixing with black surrounding them as each tried to at least tire out the other.

The mask/big head;drakshorse entertainment
Getting A-Head of Yourself
Pg. 5
Heh, head puns...
Getting back to black and white, cause...I really don't want to lose colored's too expensive to get...

the mask/big head/stanley ipkiss; darkshorse entertainment
darkskull/esmerelda/art; mine
Not Having A Fever This Saturday Night by ToxicHeadphones
Not Having A Fever This Saturday Night
Pg. 4

Had to cut this out due to this being the only image that I tolerated to be part of my piece for the collab...
NOW there was going to be a comic page following this moment but it was horribly damaged due to personal and outside hazards..ahem..fearoflossofinkandmyOCD..ahem!
So the next scene went something like this-

Before this ridiculously disguised man who was clearly her green and obnoxious enemy could move his hand any lower down her waist, Darkskull viciously grabbed it and threw him across the room, the force making him crash into the wall. His face, his REAL green face looked dazed until it shook then fell into an unamused critical expression.
"Aw gimme a break lady! I didn't exactly come out fresh from the oven downstairs!" he wimpered.
What he meant and why he didn't retort to his usual taunting and smirking his shit-eating grin to darkskull in their usual brawlings, she didn't care.
He let out a squeak as she grabbed his throat. Keeping a clawed grip on it, her nails digging deeper into his neck tendons while he gagged and struggled under it. She HATED him! Despised how easily and how taunting he'd be to her as he always ruined her exploits to practicing her dark art onto the city. Despised how he'd always bee too hansy on her, especially when it came to her more than averagely wide hips and long thick legs. DESPISED, how he's managed to drag pitiful Stanley Ipkiss, missing now for almost 2 weeks, into his killing spree. Not that she really cares that much about the ol' doormat anyway, she just hates how, being friends since college, as told by Stan, the Mask could just turn on him. Betrayel, is just one thing that Darkskull could not tolerate at all.
Darkskull's nemesis, still being believed as her nemises, the Mask, was still trying to wriggle out of her grasp. No need to hold back her anticipation any longer, she mused. She dug her claws into his throat and snatched back her arm to bring his face closer to hers...

the mask/big head/stanley ipkiss;darkhorse entertainment
Now to submit those long-awaited callab pages...
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